Why Former Sun Worshipers Should Visit a Dermatologist

It is easy when people are young to ignore warnings about the dangers of too much sun exposure. After all, everyone wants to look their best and a rosy glow to the skin boosts the appearance. Unfortunately, there are risks and eventually, all those sunburns and days spent on the beach can add up. Here is why a visit to the dermatologist is a good idea for everyone that wants the best skin health possible.

Check for Problems

Skin cancer risks increase with every sunburn. A single burn once every two years ups the risk of developing melanoma by as much as three times what it was originally. Most people only consider painful, red and peeling skin as burnt, but moderately pink skin also counts as a burn. A dermatologist will check any suspicious moles and screen the skin for any other concerns. Treatment methods are more effective when a problem is diagnosed early, and a visit often is useful just to alleviate fear.

Repair Past Damage

Dermatologists help with many of the cosmetic side effects caused by sun exposure. They have potential solutions for brown spots, dry skin, and fine lines and wrinkles. It is impossible to turn back the clock, but their expertise enables people to have the best skin possible. A healthy complexion makes everyone look a little younger and feel much more confident.

Learn Proper Skincare

All drug stores, department stores, and salons have shelves filled with beauty products. It is impossible for the average person to know what their skin type needs are and what will work for them. A dermatologist is a great resource for people looking for ways to nourish and protect their skin. They can offer prescription products when needed and make suggestions for over-the-counter brands to purchase.

It is very easy to begin a life of better skincare with the help of a dermatologist. Some insurance carriers require their clients to get a referral, so check before scheduling an appointment. To find a practice, search online for a ” dermatologist near me ” and choose the office with the best reviews and most comprehensive line of services.