Why More Individuals Are Using Pathway Genomics Corporation To Gain Insights About Their Health

Medical professionals have been using the study of DNA to help with treating medical conditions for decades, and many companies now provide individuals with the ability to test their DNA for a variety of factors without going to the doctor’s office. Most tests only require a small amount of saliva to produce the results and will provide the client with a detailed report of various factors, including mental health information, cardiac risk factors, and pain medication insights. Here is a quick look at how patients can then use this information to customize treatment plans.

Mental Health Analysis

Despite recent advancements, the science behind mental health remains a mystery, and it can leave many struggling to determine what medications or treatments will best suit their needs. Rather than guessing and trying a variety of medications, consider utilizing a DNA test, as it will uncover secrets of a person’s mental health that can then be used to determine what drugs can reduce the symptoms they experience.

Heart Health Risk Factors

A person’s risk of heart attack and other cardiac conditions is determined by both genetic factors, as well as lifestyle choices. DNA testing can unlock a variety of information, including a person’s propensity for heart-related illnesses and death. This can provide insight on what lifestyle changes can reduce these risks, and allow a doctor to help a patient avoid severe health-related problems.

Pain Medication Response

No two people respond to medications in the same way, and pain medications are no exception. Some individuals don’t respond well to pain medications, and in some cases, they can intensify the pain leaving a person miserable. A DNA test will show how a person will react to the most commonly prescribed pain treatments, and make suggestions on which options are best suited to their individual needs.

DNA testing has become a convenient way to discover hidden information about a person’s health. The team at Pathway Genomics Corporation is unique, in that they provide a blueprint into how a person’s health interacts with the world around them. Check out their full line of available tests, and take the first step in gaining unprecedented access to a person’s health profile.