The Work of Entrepreneurs Like Jim Plante Aim to Promote Longevity and Ongoing Health Through Biotechnology

Some entrepreneurs, including Jim Plante, have a storied history in companies that aim to promote health and wellness. The most recent example of Mr. Plante’s focus is Klotho Therapeutics, which wants to use a biotechnology version of the human Klotho enzyme for a variety of health benefits. Use of this genetic hormonal protein is connected with prevention and delay of disorders like kidney disease, dementia and cancer. It appears to have rejuvenating and life-extending properties.

Klotho Enzyme Effects

Much of the research on the Klotho-related gene has been conducted only on animals, but the results look very promising. It appears to enhance protection against many medical issues that people primarily develop during their middle-aged and senior years. Improved cognition, protection against heart disease and Parkinson’s disease, and supporting better metabolism are just a few examples.

The Problem

Only a small minority of people produce this protein naturally at high enough levels to make a significant difference. In addition, as with many beneficial substances produced naturally in the body, the amount of Klotho protein declines with age. The idea that people, especially those at greater risk of certain diseases, could receive bioengineered Klotho is exciting. Medical care practitioners will want to provide the treatments to their patients as soon as possible.


There are some misconceptions arising about Klotho protein, which is probably to be expected considering people’s general quest for anti-aging products. For instance, there is no way known way to boost this substance in the body by eating certain types of foods or taking supplements. This is a reason why the work of biotechnology companies is so crucial. One day, the success at turning back the clock to a certain extent should allow people to live longer lives without experiencing the diminishing of health.

Learning More

An individual with no background in genetics or animal biology will likely find studies about Klotho protein to be quite bewildering. The field of genetics is extraordinarily complex and difficult to comprehend, even at the basic level. Checking out a link to Klotho Therapeutics at Mr. Plante’s website offers information broken down into more understandable terminology.