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Common Cosmetic Surgery Myths Preventing Women from Looking Their Best

Cosmetic procedures could have a dramatic effect on a woman’s appearance. Unfortunately, there are many myths regarding cosmetic treatments that prevent women from improving their appearance so they can be happy to see the face that smiles back at them in the mirror every morning. The best way to learn the truth is to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon and discuss the potential results from various treatments.

Myth 1: Botox Freezes Facial Muscles

When Botox was introduced as a cosmetic treatment, it was often obvious to others when a person had the procedure. Since then, the treatment has been improved significantly. When a person has Botox treatment, the doctors use just enough to soften the lines. After the procedure, women are able to use their natural expressions, and no one will know they used Botox to remove their wrinkles.

Myth 2: Cosmetic Surgery is for Older Women

Young women may benefit …

Learn about Jim Plante and His Work

What if there was a way to live well longer? Imagine if older generations were able to live longer and remain independent. For many the worry is cancer or keeping the heart and kidneys healthy and functioning. Klotho Therapeutics (KTI) is a way to use biotechnology to mimic human protein. Simply, a new way to age.

Jim Plante Background

As an investor and leader in technology, Jim Plante’s efforts have allowed companies to reach top positions in their specific fields. Jim has a degree in Electrical Engineering which allows him to focus on biotechnology and technology industries. He was a key player in the acquisition of Beltronics at the age of 30. He served as interim president of Beltronics and was involved in bringing new innovative product lines to the forefront which allowed that company to be back in the green.

Jim served as the co-founder and CEO of E-Band …

The Advantages Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

In Colorado, local patients review cosmetic procedures to determine the exact benefits. Patients may choose these procedures based on aesthetics or to correct unwanted conditions. These conditions could be imperfections or sleep-related problems. A cosmetic surgeon provides a variety of options for this cosmetic nose procedure.

Correcting a Deviated Septum

A deviated septum is a common condition associated with sleep apnea. This condition causes patients to awaken exhausted and restless. It prevents adequate oxygen from entering into the lungs properly. When the patient lies down to rest, the airway restriction is exacerbated. By undergoing rhinoplasty, the patient’s condition is corrected and sleep apnea is eliminated.

Achieving Correct Facial Symmetry

Patients who want to improve aesthetics can also undergo rhinoplasty. The procedure helps correct facial symmetry. Patients with unwanted conditions such as larger than average noses or humps along the bridge can correct these conditions. The surgeon can acquire an …

How To Become Nursing Home Administrators

Candidates that wish to become an administrator may become a nurse first. A nursing career could place them inside a nursing home facility position quickly. The facilities require a vast nursing staff to manage patient care. By completing a bachelor of nursing, the candidate becomes qualified for a career in nursing. They must complete a licensing exam at the end of their program. The following steps prepare these candidates to become nursing home administrators.

Fast-Tracking an RN Program

Candidates that are already licensed nurses have the option to fast track an RN program. They complete the program in under a year if they have completed a bachelor degree. By becoming a registered nurse, the candidate receives more experience in a medical setting. Register nurses have a greater chance of becoming an administrator for a nursing home. The candidate takes another exam to become a licensed registered nurse in the …