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Choosing a Medicare supplement Plan

Senior citizens eligible for Medicare often need a Medicare Supplement Plan to bridge the gap between Medicare coverage and their real health care costs. The different plans are standardized in many ways to make the choice easier. It helps to consult the agents at places such as GoMedigap to get the best coverage at the most reasonable cost. Plans F and G are very popular with seniors because of their coverage.

Why Pay For Additional Insurance

Though many people choose to get by with only Medicare coverage because of finances and need level, others purchase Medicare supplement plans to make sure their medical costs are covered. People must consider their health care needs and finances when deciding what to do. Relying only on basic Medicare coverage can be a false economy if serious health issues develop. Luckily there are times of the year when seniors can change their health care …

The Work of Entrepreneurs Like Jim Plante Aim to Promote Longevity and Ongoing Health Through Biotechnology

Some entrepreneurs, including Jim Plante, have a storied history in companies that aim to promote health and wellness. The most recent example of Mr. Plante’s focus is Klotho Therapeutics, which wants to use a biotechnology version of the human Klotho enzyme for a variety of health benefits. Use of this genetic hormonal protein is connected with prevention and delay of disorders like kidney disease, dementia and cancer. It appears to have rejuvenating and life-extending properties.

Klotho Enzyme Effects

Much of the research on the Klotho-related gene has been conducted only on animals, but the results look very promising. It appears to enhance protection against many medical issues that people primarily develop during their middle-aged and senior years. Improved cognition, protection against heart disease and Parkinson’s disease, and supporting better metabolism are just a few examples.

The Problem

Only a small minority of people produce this protein naturally at high …

Understanding How Tooth Damage Occurs

Thanks to better prophylaxis and education, decay is no longer the biggest problem in dentistry. Because of today’s life circumstances, tooth erosion is much more common, which means the degradation of tooth enamel. Fruit juices, sodas, and sweets are consumed way too much, especially for small and teenage children.

The damage goes down to the tooth root, meaning that the items listed above break down the enamel. Because of this, dentists state that routine dental care has never been more important than it is today.

Dental damage to be aware of

Even the wrong dental care habits or medications cause the breakdown of tooth enamel. Since teeth cannot improve itself naturally, they remain damaged. Unlike decay, erosion is not due to the involvement of bacteria.

Decay can also be due to other physical factors such as increased production of stomach acid, bulimia, anorexia, gastrointestinal diseases, and frequent vomiting.


Often …

Discover How James Plante is Working to Change the World

There are many people in the world that want to make a difference but they don’t. Then there are people who don’t set out to make a difference until something opens their eyes to a lack in the world, and then they do everything in their power to make a change. This is the type of person that James Plante happens to be. When he was a younger man, he discovered that his father had a rare condition that he then passed onto his son. The problem was, genetic testing would have revealed this condition and could have prevented his father’s kidney failure.

Being a Doer

One of the biggest contributing factors to the changes that James has implemented is the fact that he is a doer. Once this issue occurred with his father, he began the process of figuring out how to make genetic testing affordable enough that diseases …

Medical Technology Investing Is The Specialty Of Jim Plante

James Plante graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering at Southern Illinois University and has spent over 25 years perfecting his knowledge and success in investment and entrepreneurship in the fields of biotechnology and technology. Now he is a well-known expert with many patents and successful companies invested in. Success leads to more success and this expert has formed a new company to guide others in investing in the technology and biotechnology fields.

First An Entrepreneur

James Plante has started and been a CEO in many successful technology-based companies. He has invested in others. Companies such as E-Band Communications, Beltronics, SmartDrive systems, Pathway Genomics, and others are responsible for medical and technological advances that help thousands of people. The patents earned and advances made in the treatment of diseases and even the mobile communication industry are impressive.

An Investor

Not only did this expert start and help run several companies, …

Learning About Medicare Plans and Medigap Options

By the time people reach the age of eligibility for Medicare, they have already made decisions about when to start accepting their Social Security retirement benefits. If considering all the pertinent points in that decision seemed like a conundrum, Medicare may appear even more complicated. Reading over this site will help senior citizens learn more about Medicare and one particular plan: Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Medicare Parts A and B

A myriad of options is available from different insurance companies aside from the standard Medicare Part A, which is free for most individuals. Part A covers expenses for hospitalization and a certain amount of skilled nursing care in a facility or at home. Part B is more like a standard health insurance policy and requires a premium to be paid. In addition to the many other options, plans known as Medigap can be purchased to cover coinsurance, deductibles and certain …

Why Do Dental Professionals Stress Daily Oral Hygiene?

The right toothbrush means everything when trying to perfect oral hygiene routines. Also, when buying the right toothbrush, there are some points to consider. For instance, the bristles should be rounded to avoid injury to the gums.

What should people look for in a toothbrush?

Plastic is better than natural materials – the latter may be a particularly solid health-conscious decision, but they provide a good breeding ground for bacteria and are, therefore, not recommended. Every two to three months, a used toothbrush should be replaced. This is even truer if the brush is visibly worn.

Old or damaged toothbrushes make effective brushing unnecessarily difficult. For most people, toothbrushes with soft or medium hard bristles are recommended. Special options, for example, brushes with a moving head, can be pleasant to use but are not necessary from a dental point of view.

Electric toothbrushes may give good results but the same …

Understanding The Advantages Of Medicare Plan F

Seniors review Medicare options once they turn sixty-five. The insurance programs help manage the cost of healthcare and provide supplemental options. The policies pay for the expense of hospitalizations, surgeries, and everyday medications. Plan F is another supplemental insurance plan that is available to most seniors in the U.S.

What Costs are Managed by Purchasing Plan F?

First, the policy offers an extension of the hospitalization benefits provided under Part A. The standard benefit for Part A stops after the policyholder has spent more than a full calendar year in the hospital. Plan F pays for all hospice care and co-pays required for Part A. It pays for all fees, deductibles, and excess charges required for Part B. It also covers the cost of Part A deductibles, three pints of blood for transfusions, and nursing home expenses. The coverage pays up to eighty percent for any emergent care needed abroad. …

Why Medicare Recipients Buy Medigap Plans

Every year millions of uninsured Americans breathe a sigh of relief when they become old enough to qualify for Medicare. However, many soon find that medical issues often result in more expenses than Medicare covers. With that in mind, the Government allows insurance companies to sell medigap policies which pay for many of the charges not covered by original Medicare. Medicare Supplement Plan G is one of the most popular medigap options.

What Exactly Is Medicare Supplement Plan G?

There are essentially two types of Medicare supplements designed to supplement original Medicare benefits. Some, like Medicare Supplement Plan G, are medigap plans. They are supplements which are provided by private insurers and designed to pay for expenses not covered in original Medicare. They are not the same as Medicare advantage plans, which are sometimes called “Part C”. Advantage plans are provided by Medicare approved companies and allow customers to get …

Facelifts Help Individuals Overcome the Signs of Aging

When the signs of aging begin to occur, it is important individuals realize there are options for treatment. Facelifts are plastic surgery procedures that help to remove lines, wrinkles, and sagging in the skin. Although this is a serious form of surgery, facelifts are now less invasive than ever before.

What Can Patients Expect From a Facelift?

As with any major surgical procedure, patients will be placed under general anesthesia while they are having their surgery. This allows the surgeon to work with precision without being worried about the patient being uncomfortable or moving during the tedious parts of the surgery.

A facelift involves several incisions being made around the face. Typical points for incisions include behind the ears, in the hairline, and under the chin. These areas help to disguise any scarring so it is not noticeable after healing has taken place.

During a facelift, excess skin is removed …